It’s been awhile

I know. I’m horrible at staying consistent. Please forgive me! Well Midsouth Con was a smash, if you don’t count from still being sick after three weeks that has past. My Belle costume did not turn out. 😦 at all. Boo. Looks like I’ll be paying for someone else to make it for me. -puts on lazy cap-


I just wanted to give everyone a little update. I been swarmed with school. Hopefully things will calm down soon. I’ve also decided to write 75,000 words for Camp Nano Wrimo! I know what your thinking, “Laura, finals are coming up! ARE YOU CRAZY?” The obvious answer is yes, yes I am and I’m apparently asking for pain. But alas I’m determined to get 75,000 words on Bloodstone. Maybe then I can finally get to the editing stage and finish this book! Then I’ll be able to move on to the second book. Everyone cross your fingers for me! If you don’t hear from me. It means I’ve either won or I died trying. 😛


Love you all!


Hello all!

Well as you can see I haven’t been around very much. I have a lot going on for the moment. First off, Midsouth Con is coming up and I have to finish my Belle from Once Upon a Time in her blue dress from Skin Deep. Well first I have to start then finish the dress. I’ve also been having a bit of a mental block. I’ve had the drive to write on my book but I haven’t known where to start or what to do with it. So I was avoiding my blog because I didn’t want to seem like a failure but alas I’m back!

Book Review: The Pygmalion Complex

By Ashley Laura Smith

The Pygmalion Complex was written by Elaine Gordon. The story is about Romana Randall and starts just at the end of her marriage. Her husband cheated on her and got another woman pregnant but Romana had been willing to forgive him. Graydon is insistent on their divorce because he plans to marry his mistress. The first chapter begins just after she signs the divorce papers. In the divorce papers, it stated Graydon would get to keep his ancestral home while she would move out with the children and he would pay for any house she wanted no matter what the cost. This is where Romana finally realizes the freedom she’d never had before. The divorce papers never said she had to live close. So she chooses the best place she could think of, New York City. It was far enough away from Chicago to give her freedom from her ex-husband and her parents.

Her children adjust to their new life in New York City easily by Romana does not. She focuses her life around her two children and their dog.  While the kids are off at school she often finds herself staring out the window across the street at another apartment building. She lived her life through what she sees in her binoculars. But one day, while rushing the children off to school, she is handed a note by her doorman. When she finally gets a chance to read it she’s horrified to find out that she had been caught at what she was doing and they would go to the police if she continued to do so.

What’s a well-mannered socialite to do? Of course send an apologetic note back with a batch of homemade cookies and brownies. Leaving her signature at the bottom, she walks the food and letter over and leaves it with the man at the front desk. To her surprise, later that night she receives a call from the man she had been spying on. He loved her baked goods and begs her to come over for dinner. She tries to refuse but in the end he won out.

After her children leave for summer vacation with their father, Romana finds herself wallowing but soon Kent Cunningham- a famous fashion designer- has her life spinning up to new heights; first a film premiere which makes most of the fashion world take notice of her then her very own morning program where she gets to interview different women who have succeeded in their chosen fields.

For a woman empowerment story, Romana’s character is very weak. Even at the very end she’s not the one protecting herself. There’s always someone there to take care of her.  She does become a bit strong by the end but it would have been nice to see more character development.   Love at first sight between a gay man and a heartbroken divorcée? It’s completely unrealistic. The thing between them is more of a best friend relationship. The reader could see themselves there with their best friends in roles of the characters.

There was a wide variety of characters in this story. Each character had a different personality. Belinda becomes Romana’s arch-nemesis but hardly ever makes an appearance in the books. Her ex husband was more of a nemesis and his hidden secrets are more than a little jarring. The dialogue was also a bit stiff in some points. There was a lot of exposition throughout the story. If the writer had converted some of that, such as the scenes with the kids, into scenes it would have made for a much more enjoyable book.

The beginning was a bit slow. It was only until around page fifty that the pace really started picking up. If you are willing to overlook a slow beginning you may really enjoy this book. There were points in the plot that I really enjoyed. Overall I found this book interesting. I couldn’t wait to turn the page to find out what was happening next. I also loved the little details about the fashions in the books. The reader could in vision all the clothes.

If you want to read a book that touches on women from all walks of life and shows that anything is possible, this is the book for you. If you are more into books heavily populated with romance and even raunchy scenes, this isn’t the book for you, but that doesn’t make this one any less worthy of a read. 

Cross your fingers!

I just submitted my very first article to Literary Lunes. Hopefully they’ll accept it, luckily my friend runs it and I’m one of the staff, I just haven’t had anything published. I hope they publish it but if not it’ll go up here. 


I got a new program called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I like it but there’s still a few kinks I need to work out. Do any of you use it? How about Scrivner? I find myself going in between those two programs.

Bad Reviews: Learn To Live With Them

I must say this was truly inspirational. I know that’s one of my hardest parts about writing. Will anyone like this when I’m done? Sometimes I write some really controversial stuff so it’s going to happen one day. I hope that day’s far away and I have a great support system behind me!

Christopher Stocking

Having my work published means that I am, at any given time, susceptible to bad reviews. Whether someone thinks my writing it just plain awful, or maybe it is just bad. Either way, it can happen to anyone at any time. It even happens to the “great” authors.

Whilst taking a break from editing Project Oliver (Which is still nameless!), I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and happened upon a post from Anne Rice, who actively contributes to her fan page (I wish she would post more writing-related things, but that’s beside the point). Now, when I think of Anne Rice, I think of Vampires, Lestat, and how much I enjoyed her book “Interview with the Vampire.” Hopefully I’ll get around to finishing that entire series someday. But of course not everyone feels the same way I do. In fact, Ms. Rice posted this on her fan page today:

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Another few days lost…

But I found my way back! I wrote a paper about a play I went to see and then found out at midnight I had a final the next day. Woot woot! -_- Needless to say I’m not looking forward to that grade. At least I have one more extra credit assignment to do in there. 


Other than that, I’ve been revising the crud out of my story for class with the help of a few friends- and family members. And I even came up with how to change the beginning for the novella or novel size version of it. 🙂 I’m really excited. I’ve also gotten one thousand words on the latest chapters of Randal Gold and the Chance at Love(a fanfiction for Once Upon a Time, if you’d like a link please let me know and I will post one.) 


Here’s an excerpt for anyone who actually is reading this:

The next day her mother couldn’t get out of bed. At first, Trudy thought it was due to grief but it didn’t take much closer inspection to see the signs of the virus; fever, fits of coughing, and the inability to keep anything down. Her mother was her best friend. She couldn’t imagine a life without her mother, let alone the rest of her family.


“You’re going to get better,” Trudy promised her mother every day. She’d sit up long into the night, wetting her head with a cloth. The night her mother passed away, Trudy had fallen asleep in the chair next to her bed. Gavin’s cries had woken her. She hadn’t checked on her mother before she ran off to soothe Gavin. Normally her mother would have woken up and waited until Trudy got back to the room to ask if she needed any help with Gavin but she wasn’t fighting to sit up when Trudy returned to the room. As she crept closer, she was confused to find her mother completely still. Her chest wasn’t even rising and falling. Trudy checked for a pulse but there was nothing.


“No, please no,” Trudy screamed, covering her mouth to muffle her voice. She crawled into bed and curled up next to her mother. Holding her mother, she sobbed until the rays of dawn broke through the curtains of the window. Her tears had stopped sometime through the night. When the girls found out, Delilah began to weep openly. Charity shed a few tears but she seemed to be hardened by watching the others die. That probably was harder on Trudy than Delilah being inconsolable.

I know sad. 😦 But I figured no one would want to read the fight scene out of no where! Haha!

A Challenge I didn’t see coming

When taking on the post apocalyptic world in my new story I didn’t foresee the difficulties of fight scenes. In a fanfic I wrote I went through the challenge of writing a graphic sex scene when never actually experiencing that for myself, awkward no?


Anyways tonight’s dilemma was in the form of blood splatter. Now you may say, “Laura, you’re a Criminal Justice major and you want to go into crime scene work, you have got to know about blood splatter already.” Wrong. I have yet to taken my forensic’s class. Now my problem came in if you shot someone in the head would you get any blood splatter on you if you were only a few feet away shooting with a large caliber bullet, aka .38 revolver? Until anyone tells me differently I’m assuming that you would get a small amount on yourself. So I’m sticking to that! If I’m wrong feel free to correct me in the comments. I’m trying to make this story realistic. 🙂