Sky’s End Review

First, I’d like to give a warning to any parent before getting this book for your child/teen. This is a very good book but there are quite a few violent scene and also some sexual in nature, the book never actually the act but it does get close to it at points. Also if you don’t want to read- or you don’t want your child reading- curse words, this might not be the best book for you. I must say had I been in high school when I read this, I would have loved it for all of these reasons. I love a book that takes risks. I know most teens in high school get bored by the generic straight to love situation.

I must say, I really enjoyed this book. The first pages were a little hard to grasp, however I was quickly whisked away as the storyline picked up within the first few chapters. I loved that Young didn’t start at the beginning of Cassiel arriving at the academy. It started after she failed the first test and with the second test looming over her head. It was a bit cliché with how if she failed the test she’d get out but ends up getting a second test by the top dogs there. The only reason she failed the test in the first place was because they tricked her.

Something that really did exasperate me about this set up was there had to be at least one girl who was more experienced in battle than she was and was still inexperienced when it came to sex. I understand it setup the story for Cassiel to go after her brother, but who didn’t see that one coming? I enjoyed that they explained all about Thell’eon aliens but it did seem to be a bit of an info dump. I wish Young would have developed more of the briefing instead giving us all this information. However although it remains something to yearn after, I did enjoy her commentary.

Overall, I found the storyline to be so enthralling and I practically inhaled this book. The romantic aspects of the book could have been carried through the entire story, but I do hope that in the second installment it will be revisited. The first perspective in no way hindered the storytelling of this book. It actually added humor and suspense within the storyline. I’m excited to see what Lesley has in store for the second installment!

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