Another few days lost…

But I found my way back! I wrote a paper about a play I went to see and then found out at midnight I had a final the next day. Woot woot! -_- Needless to say I’m not looking forward to that grade. At least I have one more extra credit assignment to do in there. 


Other than that, I’ve been revising the crud out of my story for class with the help of a few friends- and family members. And I even came up with how to change the beginning for the novella or novel size version of it. 🙂 I’m really excited. I’ve also gotten one thousand words on the latest chapters of Randal Gold and the Chance at Love(a fanfiction for Once Upon a Time, if you’d like a link please let me know and I will post one.) 


Here’s an excerpt for anyone who actually is reading this:

The next day her mother couldn’t get out of bed. At first, Trudy thought it was due to grief but it didn’t take much closer inspection to see the signs of the virus; fever, fits of coughing, and the inability to keep anything down. Her mother was her best friend. She couldn’t imagine a life without her mother, let alone the rest of her family.


“You’re going to get better,” Trudy promised her mother every day. She’d sit up long into the night, wetting her head with a cloth. The night her mother passed away, Trudy had fallen asleep in the chair next to her bed. Gavin’s cries had woken her. She hadn’t checked on her mother before she ran off to soothe Gavin. Normally her mother would have woken up and waited until Trudy got back to the room to ask if she needed any help with Gavin but she wasn’t fighting to sit up when Trudy returned to the room. As she crept closer, she was confused to find her mother completely still. Her chest wasn’t even rising and falling. Trudy checked for a pulse but there was nothing.


“No, please no,” Trudy screamed, covering her mouth to muffle her voice. She crawled into bed and curled up next to her mother. Holding her mother, she sobbed until the rays of dawn broke through the curtains of the window. Her tears had stopped sometime through the night. When the girls found out, Delilah began to weep openly. Charity shed a few tears but she seemed to be hardened by watching the others die. That probably was harder on Trudy than Delilah being inconsolable.

I know sad. 😦 But I figured no one would want to read the fight scene out of no where! Haha!


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