A Challenge I didn’t see coming

When taking on the post apocalyptic world in my new story I didn’t foresee the difficulties of fight scenes. In a fanfic I wrote I went through the challenge of writing a graphic sex scene when never actually experiencing that for myself, awkward no?


Anyways tonight’s dilemma was in the form of blood splatter. Now you may say, “Laura, you’re a Criminal Justice major and you want to go into crime scene work, you have got to know about blood splatter already.” Wrong. I have yet to taken my forensic’s class. Now my problem came in if you shot someone in the head would you get any blood splatter on you if you were only a few feet away shooting with a large caliber bullet, aka .38 revolver? Until anyone tells me differently I’m assuming that you would get a small amount on yourself. So I’m sticking to that! If I’m wrong feel free to correct me in the comments. I’m trying to make this story realistic. 🙂


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