A Challenge I didn’t see coming

When taking on the post apocalyptic world in my new story I didn’t foresee the difficulties of fight scenes. In a fanfic I wrote I went through the challenge of writing a graphic sex scene when never actually experiencing that for myself, awkward no?


Anyways tonight’s dilemma was in the form of blood splatter. Now you may say, “Laura, you’re a Criminal Justice major and you want to go into crime scene work, you have got to know about blood splatter already.” Wrong. I have yet to taken my forensic’s class. Now my problem came in if you shot someone in the head would you get any blood splatter on you if you were only a few feet away shooting with a large caliber bullet, aka .38 revolver? Until anyone tells me differently I’m assuming that you would get a small amount on yourself. So I’m sticking to that! If I’m wrong feel free to correct me in the comments. I’m trying to make this story realistic. 🙂


Sorry for my lack of post yesterday…

I guess I was just a little excited about the class. I was so nervous going into the critique. But I’m happy to share that everyone seemed to have great things to say about it. There were only a few technical difficulties, such as randomly changing the name of the character. Whoops! They enjoyed my strong female characters and were impressed that everyone in the story had their own personalities. 🙂


I have a few things to change and add. Overall I think this will be a great first chapter. Or maybe I’ll shorten it with the chapters. You never know. Haha. 


Today was not a very productive day. Last night was our Thanksgiving Dinner since I worked on Thursday. My brother was still in town this morning so we wen to see ‘Wreck It Ralph’. Admit that was a pretty good movie but slow in a few parts. After that the nerves started to kick in.

I wrote a short story for my Fiction Writing class and now I’m terrified for tomorrow. That’s when I get to hear all of their critiques. Usually I’m not like this. I can handle critiques, I guess it’s the waiting that’s really getting me. I’m going to see if I can catch up for nano in the next hour or so. Probably won’t be able to but try I must! Or as Yoda would say Do or Do Not there is no Try.

The Problem with Having Too Many Stories in Your Head

How do you know which one to write? Should I go back to writing my trilogy and rewrite it? Should I make my short story into a longer version? I think it could work as a longer one but I don’t know how to go from point a to point b. Should I work on one story that I’ve been pondering on for a few years? Should I start something completely new?


I hope I’m not the only writer that has these questions. Sometimes I wish I could focus on only one idea. But that wouldn’t be me. I juggle so many things. Sometimes it feels like my mind if going a mile a minute and my fingers can’t even catch up. 

Hello everyone!

ImageMy name is Ashley Laura Smith but I prefer to go by Laura. I’m a twenty three year old aspiring writer. Throughout this blog you’ll find some tips and also my journey to finishing my books and getting them published. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I am on the look out for an agent.

I have a full time job and I’m also in college. I am also the municipal liaison for NaNo Wrimo (nanowrimo.org) and I also help out with Literary Lune Magazine (http://www.literarylunespublications.com).